Our Elevator & Escalators Solutions

Small Machine Room Passenger Elevators

Compared to normal machine rooms, small size machine rooms could save over 50% more space . Thismakes it easy for construction layouts and increases the utilization rate of the construction area. The machine room height is only 2800mm, reduced more than 20% height than normal machine rooms saving the building cost.

MRL Passenger Elevators

The machine room components can be fixed inside the shaft saving the buillding space and decreasing the build cost. Cabin Sound Insulation Technology makes the elevator cars quiet and comfortable. It effectively reduces the MRL elevator noise making the cabin space quiet and serene environment.

Hospital Elevators

'Hospital' is synonymous with 'Care'. Also referred to as 'Bed Lifts' or 'Stretcher Lifts', IEC LIFTS Hospital lifts are ideal for any type of health and medical centre, nursing home, clinic and hospitals of any size. Hospital lifts are ideal solution for secure movement of patients, patient beds, medical equipments and all the important medical staff.

Goods Elevators

  1. Strong design
  2. Easy installation
  3. Light weight
  4. High durability
  5. Smooth finish
  6. High load bearing capacity
  7. Less maintenance

Car Elevators

Car lifts or car elevators play an important role in modern and daily city life. By the way, car lifts and car elevators carry the same meaning most of the time. But a general distinction between them is the shape. When we say a car lift, we mostly understand a machine that is to lift or hoist a car from the ground.

Vacuum Elevators

Vacuum elevators are a low-maintenance, compact alternative to conventional lifts, plus they have a much more modern look.

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