Tyre Changer Everet

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EE-4112 Tyre chamger Evert
• Semi-automatic side swing arm B35:E36
• Durable mainframe for long service life.
• With self-centering function
• Adjustable mount/demount head.
• ¢80 air cylinder, chromium-coated piston rod reduces the friction effectively.
• Bead breaker for car and motorcycle.
• Mounting head angle is made to be adjustable to suit for rim with different size.
• CE certificated.
Rim material: Steel, Al, Alloy
Max. wheel diameter: 28''
Max. wheel width: 12''
Inter clamp: 12''-22''
Outer clamp: 10''-20''
Motor power: 9''-22''
Power supply: 10V/220V/380V
Motor power: 0.75KW/1.1KW
Air supply: 8-10Bar
Noise level: <70dB

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