HSA-A 623 Lever Blocks

  • Brand: Toho
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• Germany Model
• Load limiter is available at extra cost
• High quality materials ensure light weight without infringing reliability
• Low weight, small mounting sizes and small lever forces at full load
• Premium grade alloy load chain
• Drop-forged and expertly heat treated hooks for great strength
and long wearing
• Capacity ranges from 0.75t to 9t
• Different lifting length is available at requirement


12464 0.75T X 1.5M 6MM
1243 1T X 1.5M 8MM
1244 1T X 3M 8MM
1241 1.5T X 1.5M 8MM
1242 1.5T X 3M 8MM
1245 2T x 1.5M 8MM
1246 2T X 3M 8MM
1247 3T X 1.5M 10MM
1248 3T X 3M 10MM
1249 3T X 5M 10MM
12465 6T X 1.5M 10MM
1250 6T X 3M 10MM
1251 6T X5M 10MM
12466 9T X 1.5M 10MM
1252 9T X 3M 10MM


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