Lever Block 1.5 Ton By 3 Meters

  • Product Code: 1255
  • Brand: Kyoto
  • Tag: Lever block, 1.5T, Kyoto

Lever Block 1.5 Tone by 3 Meters

Meets all pertinent world standards

All steel construction for external impact resistance

High-strength, cold-formed, stamped steel construction makes it lighter in weight yet impact resistant for longer life

Open frame design provides access for easy cleaning and inspection

360 degree handle rotation with short stroke to ratchet loads ? Rubber grip handle for a bette comfortable operation, even without glove

East free chaining operation

Technical Data

Capacity: 1.5 T

Model: VIT150

No of falls: 1

Load Chain: 7.1x21 mm

Load Chain Grader: 100 Pull to Rated

Load: 175 N

Proof Load: 2.25 T

Standared Lift: 3 m

Net Weight: 9.7 Kg

Extra Wt-m: 1.1 Kg

Dimension: A: 163 mm

B: 148 mm

C: 47 mm

D: 368 mm

G: 33.5 mm

H: 335 mm


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