Lever Block Bravo 3 Ton By 1.5 Meters

  • Product Code: 7167
  • Brand: Tractel
  • Tag: Lever block, 3T, Tractel

"Lever Block 3 Tone by 1.5 Meters


Wll 0.25 to 6 tonnes

High-tensile alloy steel lever hoist.

Ideal for building and civil engineering and industry

Can be used in any position, both on building sites and in workshops

Ideal for pulling, lifting, positioning, adjusting.

The hoist rotates freely round 360° on swivel hooks with overload opening indicators.

  Selection of neutral position not possible once load taken up, with automatic engagement of the brake

  Automatic double pawl brake (except 250 kg)

  Tested to 150% of working load limit

  Self-lubricating anti-corrosion chain

Optional load limiting device

Technical Data

Capacity: 3 T

No of strands: 1

Standard lifting height*: 1.5 m

Maximum force on lever: 40 daN/Kg

Weight: 20 Kg Chain size**: 10x30 mm "


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