Lift table PTS1000

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Lift table PTS1000.
● This series of lifting platform trucks meet most of the industrial needs.
● Rugged structure, high quality hydraulic cylinder, long service life, with overload relief valve. Foot pressure relief, control flexibility.
● High load PU casters, 2 universal casters. 2 fixed casters, universal casters with brakes, all castors with guards.
● Double scissor platform.
● The pinch down method can accurately drop the console surface.
● Split type oil pump, suitable for complex structure of heavy load.
Double cylinders, large tabletops lifted with double cylinders, saves labor,
saves time, and rises quickly.
Technical data:
Capacity: 1000 kg
Net weight: 225 kg
Minimum height: 500 mm
Maximium height: 1700 mm
Table dimension: 1200x610x80 mm
Dia. of the wheel: ɸ150
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