Jigsaw GST 90 BE

  • Product Code: 060158F072
  • Brand: Bosch
  • Tag: JIGSAW, GST 90 BE, Bosch
1. The sturdy tool for heavy-duty applications
2. The reliable tool for the toughest jobs
3. Long lifetime under extreme conditions thanks to robust SDS saw blade changing system
4. Professional stacked construction and aluminium housing for long lifetime
5. Accelerator function for sensitive sawing
6. Highest possible convenience with Bosch “SDS”, the world’s easiest way to change saw blades – using only one hand
7. Exemplary running smoothness when sawing which ensures best results as well as fatigue-free working
8. The sole plate can be adjusted without tools (±45° as well as 15 mm forwards/backwards)
9. Easy to service thanks to the uncomplicated changing of the cable and carbon brushes
Technical Data
1. Rated power input: 650  W
2. Stroke rate at no load: 500 - 2800  spm
3. Weight: 2.7  kg
4. Cable length: 4.0  m
5. Stroke height: 26  mm
Branch: Tooling and Safety Division
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Timsales Next to Prime Bank, Nairobi Kenya
Phone Numbers: 0721 703456/0733 496293
Wireless: 020 2322255/020 2325773/020 2325744
Email: tooling@elitekenya.com


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